How To Get Permanent Marker Off Skin

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The easiest way to get permanent marker off of your skin is to rub it with an alcohol-based product like hand sanitizer, nail polish remover, or rubbing alcohol. If you don't have an alcohol-based product, try scrubbing your skin with olive oil, baking soda, or salt.
Finish off by washing your skin with warm water and a bit of soap. Use a rag or towel you don't mind getting dirty. Permanent marker will stain your rag just like it .
Gently rub coconut oil on skin with cloth and Sharpie comes off instantly! Comment Was this. . Question: Getting Permanent Marker Off of Skin. By liiizzz2509 [1 .
To clean the marker from your skin and almost everything whic is damaged by apermanent marker, just apply antibacterial hand sanitizer. The ink will be .
How to get Sharpie Marker off your skin ~ DIY fastest way to remove Sharpie.. me that if I get permanent ink on my couch to use rubbing alcohol to get it out.

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