How To Read A Ruler In Inches

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Take a look at the following English Rulers. English Ruler A ruler marked in 8ths. Every mark is 1/8th of an inch. English Ruler A ruler marked in 16ths.
How to Read a Ruler – U.S Customary System. A ruler is used to measure units of length, inches, feet and yards. A standard ruler is 12 inches or 1 foot long. 3
Ruler measurements and reading a ruler are important for any craft project you do!. The problem for most people is the little lines between the inch marks!
How to Read a Tape Measure Reading A Ruler, Tape Reading, Ruler Measurements,. . Inches TO CM fraction-ruler – Yahoo Image Search Results.
A tape measure, also called measuring tape, is a type of flexible ruler.. one-half inch. Same principle as reading one inch, only this time the space between the .

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