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The larger lines with numbers are centimeters, and the smallest lines are millimeters. Since millimeters are 1/10th of a centimeter, if you measure 7 marks after a centimeter, it is 1.7 centimeters long. English rulers, are much more difficult to read.
To read a metric ruler to measure centimeters, look at the long lines on the ruler that are numbered 1-30, which are the centimeter marks. The distance between them is equal to 1 centimeter. There are smaller lines between the larger centimeter lines, which represent millimeters.
This picture represents 1 inch of a ruler. How to measure with a read a Ruler. To use a ruler, line up one end of an object with o or the beginning of the ruler.
A metric ruler is the standard instrument for measurement in the scientific laboratory. On a metric ruler, each individual line represents a millimeter (mm).
Ruler Measurements : Reading a Ruler. 2. The problem for most people is the little lines between the inch marks! We all know where the 1, 2, 3 etc. inch marks  .
This is a convenient online ruler that could be calibrated to actual size,. . The distance between any two large numbered lines is 1 cm, a metric ruler features .

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