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More than 200 years ago, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay published a series of essays promoting the ratification of the United States .
the principle that all people and institutions are subject to and accountable to law that is fairly applied and enforced; the principle of government by law.
Rule of law, mechanism, process, institution, practice, or norm that supports the equality of all citizens before the law, secures a nonarbitrary form of government, .
There is no single agreed definition of the rule of law.. At its most basic level the rule of law is the concept that both the government and citizens know the law .
Rule of law definition is – a situation in which the laws of a country are obeyed by everyone. How to use rule of law in a sentence.
Definition of rule of law: Absolute predominance or supremacy of ordinary law of the land over all citizens, no matter how powerful. First expounded by the UK .
Definition of rule of law in the Legal Dictionary – by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is rule of law? Meaning of rule of law as a legal term.

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