Best Tablet For Comics

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To help determine which is the best tablet for comics, we have developed this buying guide with all of the most important specs and the most popular tablets on .
I own a lot of comic books on digital but unfortunately my tablet doesn't work anymore. I realized that I only really used it for comic books so I'm .
What are the best tablets for comics? WHAM! SMASH! TECH BOOM! We go over some of the best applications.
Update Dec 2011: has emerged as a leader in the app space for reading graphic novels and comic books. I'm happily reading graphical .
Product description. ComiCat is a fast and smart comic reader and catalog manager.. Designed for best experience on both phones and tablets. – Feature rich .
You also don't have to be a comic-book geek or serious fan to read these. Anyone moderately well versed in literature can get by here. Here are our top 6 picks.

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