How To Clean A Dry Eraser

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Method 3. Scrubbing with Toothpaste. Apply toothpaste to your erasers. A gentle, yet slightly abrasive cleanser (like toothpaste) is great for cleaning dry erase erasers. Scrub them with a wet cloth. Using a wet washcloth, scrub the eraser in a circular motion. Rinse them under running water and dry them in the sun.
White board dusters that get a lot of use quickly fill with pieces of dried marker ink. While often these are just replaced, they can be cleaned to help them last a .
Cleaning a dry erase board can be a challenge if you leave the markings on for a long time. See which household items worked best for my cleaning test.
How to clean a whiteboard. Click to learn how to keep your dry erase board surface clean and free of stains. Yes, you can use Windex®.
But, I have an eraser that clearly needs cleaning. You can tell that it's 'saturated' as it's sorta moving the dry erase as it 'cleans' the board.

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