How To Remove Marker From Wood

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Remove Permanent Marker from Wood – Method # 2. Take a bit of regular toothpaste (avoid the gel kind). Apply the toothpaste directly onto the marker stain. Rub the toothpaste using a damp rag. Rinse the rag you used with water and rub the wood surface until the toothpaste is no longer visible.
Method 1. Removing Permanent Marker from Finished or Painted Wood. Get a tube of regular toothpaste. Turn the piece of wood so that the stain is facing up. Squeeze a generous amount of toothpaste onto the surface of the wood. Dampen a washcloth. Rub the toothpaste in. Wipe away any remaining toothpaste.
Sharpie is a brand of permanent marker commonly used in offices and households. As frightening as it may be to see a Sharpie mark on a wood table, take .
Markers are often the choice of writing utensil when a permanent message or depiction wants to be left. School projects and arts and crafts are often created on .
Permanent marker can really ruin the look of your wood furniture. While permanent marker is generally permanent you want to be careful to not further damage .

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