How To Remove Permanent Marker From Wall

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Try isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), hand sanitizer, hairspray, or nail polish remover. Wear gloves when using these cleaning agents. This will also keep the ink from staining your hands. If you are working on a large area of the wall that has been covered in Sharpie, consider opening a window as well.
When your child uses the wall as their canvas or your accidentally get permanent marker on the wall it needs to be cleaned off carefully. This is a guide about .
I've tried this on wood paneling, painted walls and even a porcelain doll face.. is an experiment I tried on a wood table which had old permanent marker stains.
Have your kids turned your wall into a canvas? Removing permanent marker from walls is simple. Learn how to get permanent marker off walls with Mr. Clean®.
Lemon is a well-known natural cleaner for your home, and lemon essential oil is great for removing permanent marker on painted walls. The acidic lemon and oil .

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