How To Test Silver With An Eraser

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Silver is an extremely valuable metal, but it has to be real. We tell you twelve methods for how to test silver. Find out whether it's real!
Silver products can be cleaned with a pencil eraser. Thus, to test a product whether it is made from pure silver, just use a soft eraser.
Silver is not magnetic. If you place a strong, rare-earth magnet called a Neodymium magnet on a silver coin or bar, it should not easily stick to it. If you are testing .
Testing for silver can range from sound and feel, to density, and acid tests for purity. Ongoing discussion with tips.
Luckily, silver is not magnetic, and that helps a great deal with this next test.. Rub an eraser on the suspected piece to see how easy it cleans, and if the tarnish .
Anyone here ever used one to clean a silver coin? I have a 1942 2 shilling piece that was dirty and tried it.

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