Permanent Marker Removal

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Method 1. Removing Permanent Marker From Hard, Non-Porous Surfaces. Use alcohol. Find yourself some liquor. Use toothpaste mixed with baking soda. Use a magic eraser. Use some WD-40. Use a dry erase marker. Use a pencil eraser. Use sunscreen. Use nail polish remover.
Learn how to remove permanent marker stains from 10 different surfaces.
Hairspray is a commonly used tool to remove ink and permanent marker from clothing, although some of its effectiveness has waned over the years. The best .
Stop stressing over wall scribbles and unexpected streaks. This permanent marker removal guide will save your woodwork, clothing, and more.
Did the kiddos get a little “creative” with their coloring? Cleaning things up isn't so hard with this tip: Try covering the marks with toothpaste then scrub off with a .
Don't despair over upholstery or a wall covered in doodles just yet. You can remove permanent marker using these tried-and-true material-specific strategies.

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